Austin’s Park

- Camping season is May 1st - the 4th Monday of October.

- Children are to be monitored by their parents at all times. They are to be supervised while swimming. Children are to respect the space and belongings of other residents. They are expected to be on their site or supervised at dark. Parents are responsible for damages caused by their children. This is a family park and we want our children to have fun while being safe.

- One boat allowed per site.

- One shed allowed per site. (Effective 2005)

- No construction of self made add-on-rooms. (Effective 2012) Prefab additions may be a consideration.

- No construction of decks, sheds, etc. without permission from management and a permit if necessary. No digging or improvements without permission of management.

- Liability insurance is required to be carried on all trailers and equipment.

- Beach area is expected to be kept tidy. All garbage and belongings are to be cleaned up. Swim at your own risk.

- No renting or lending of trailers. If members of your immediate family will be using your trailer and you will not be present, make management aware. We have the right to know who is occupying your trailer at all times.

- Visitors include anyone that is not in your immediate family (parents, children & grandchildren). Anyone else is a visitor and is obligated to pay for their visit. As a resident, it is your responsibility to obtain a visitor’s pass or to pay for their individual stays. Parking is available off of the side road near our sign. You are also responsible to see that your visitors follow Austin’s Park rules while present.

- Tents must receive permission before going up and payment received in advance for your guests.

- Quiet hours are 11pm - 8am. No music during quiet hours. No golf carts in operation during quiet hours, returning home from an evening event is an exception.

- Propane tanks must be properly secured to trailers.

- A functioning smoke alarm is mandatory in every trailer.

- Campfires are to be in rings and no larger than 30 inches. They must be supervised by an adult, they are not to be left unattended and are to be extinguished when vacated. Be sure to have a water source/extinguishing agent accessible at all times.

- Water conservation is a must. Our water is filtered and treated before entering into the park. No washing of trailers on weekends and no car washing at any time.

- Tanks will not be pumped on weekends. Pump-outs are limited, extras are permitted with payment in advance. It is highly recommended that all regular flush toilets be replaced with dual-flush toilets. Do not flush hygiene products into tanks!

- Household bagged garbage ONLY! Any other garbage is to be taken home and disposed of. A charge will be added to your account if you abuse this request.

- Pets are to be kept tied and picked up after. Pets showing aggression or causing a noise disturbance will be banned from the park.

- Campsites are to be kept tidy. Residents are responsible for cutting grass and trimming around their trailers. Charges will apply if our staff has to do it for you. Trees are not to be trimmed without permission.

- Trailers must be kept clean and in good condition. One trailer per site. No trailer older than 20 years will be allowed into the park.

- Speed limit is 5 km/hr.

- All motorized vehicles, including golf carts, driven within the campground, must be operated by licenced drivers. Erratic driving and/or driving under the influence of alcohol will result in loss of driving privileges in the park and possible eviction. Please ensure that your guests do not leave the park in a drunken state, you are responsible for them.

- ATVs are no longer permitted on park property. Motorbikes are restricted to the cut track at the back of the park, with the exception of getting to and from. Use roadways to get to & from and stay off of neighboring lawns!.

- Fireworks are limited to long weekends and NOT during quiet hours 11pm-8am.

- Management must be notified of trailers being sold on site and all sales must have approval of management before the sale is finalized. Austin’s Park shall receive 1.5% of sale price or a minimum of $150 for all trailers sold on site.

- Accounts are to be paid upon due dates or by a management-approved payment plan, as outlined in your Occupancy Agreement. No entry is permitted until a Licence of Occupation Agreement has been read & signed, payment is received in full or a payment plan is set up (no verbal agreements). NSF cheques are subject to a $30 fee. A $500 deposit for following season is to be paid by September 15th or an unpaid deposit fee of $200 will be applied to your account. Hydro charges are to be paid once invoice is received or late charges will apply. There are NO REFUNDS on deposits or seasonal memberships. Management has the right to refuse the renewal of a seasonal membership.

- Notice of move from park must be given to management by September 1st. After this date, residents will be expected to pay the next year’s deposit by the due date and will be liable for next year’s seasonal rate as well.

- Austin’s Park will not be held responsible for: food spoilage caused by power outage, for any lost, damaged or stolen articles, for any damage to trailers or vehicles, for any personal injury or property damage, however caused.







EAST SIDE: $2,350.00 (2,079.65 + 270.35 HST)

WEST SIDE: $2,450.00 (2,168.14 + 281.86 HST)

LAKE FRONT: $2,850.00 (2,522.12 + 327.88 HST)

Following the deposit paid in the previous season, remainder of lot fees is due by May 1st
If payment is received in full by December 1st, deduct $75.00 from total
If payment is received in full by February 1st, deduct $50.00 from total
If payment is received in full by April 1st, deduct $25.00 from total

Oversized trailers & trailers that have additions built on are required to pay tax. Tax amounts vary (depending on size & age of trailer) and is determined by the government. This amount is due with lot fees.